Web Ads / Data Services/ Data Validation

Data Validation and Verification

Classified ads follow a specific style sheet. Our expert and experienced classifieds/linage ad taking team is well versed with thousands of classifieds and is adept at keying in the ads in the required generic format per specific publication. The ads are also suitably edited to retain the critical information in adherence with the stipulated character limit.

Spelling and profanity checks

Spelling checks:
We have highly experienced proofreaders who are well read and having worked in publishing houses and magazines have an in-depth grasp on cultural nuances. Our proofreaders are also mindful of variances in the British and American English. We are hence able to offer crisp and correct content editing and proofreading services to the publishing clientele across world.

Profanity checks:
Conforming to the legal and cultural sensibilities prescribed by the publication, our classifieds/linage ad processing team suitably edits the ads. These checks apply to text as well as images and ensure only correct and lawful content gets published in print as well as web.